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Gate of Unity & Faith [Chassidut 201]

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What is this Course? Mystical Dimensions of Torah This course introduces essential Hassidic teachings on the inner-dimensions of Torah. The lessons are taken from the text of the classic work, "The Gate of Unity and Faith," by Rabbi Schneur Zalman of Liadi (1745-1813). The primary theme you will explore in this part is the answer to a major paradox: how can a physical universe (having natural laws and competing forces of good and evil) be reconciled with the principle that it has no independent existence of its own, and it is actually nullified to the Divine creative life-force that continuously brings it into existence from nothing? How is this course structured? 12 Video Lectures 12 Handouts Final Quiz 1 Final Certificate Academy Badge What you will learn o You will learn how God's creative speech extends continuously for all time. o You will understand why the creation would return to non-existence if the words of this Divine speech would be interrupted for an instant. o You will learn about the Divine power to create realms in which Godliness is concealed. o You will learn how God's attributes of Self-revelation and Self-concealment are manifested through different Divine o Names in Biblical Hebrew.

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