What is the Secret behind Facebook?

What are 233.000.000 people looking for on Facebook every day?


Why is Facebook so successful?


Would you like to know more about the book-of-faces?


And perhaps even about your specific face?

And why did G-d created you in that unique way?

Let’s look at Face–Book for a moment from a Jewish Perspective 

Essentially people are looking for other people right?



People are looking for what was once the original human experience in the Garden of Eden – the perfect face-to face resonance, the perfect balanced interface with reality.

Let’s look into the word "Face" in Hebrew 


Face in Hebrew is said Panim from the word : Pnimiut – which means


So what is our inner-dimension?


It is not our body. It is our Soul.

The Soul is reflected by the Hebrew term  - Zeeir Anpin or the Small Face.


The Small Face is referring to the 7 emotional attributes of the Soul.


So what are the 7 emotional attributes of the soul?


They are: Kindness, Discipline, Compassion, Perseverance, Humility, Connection and Nobless.


So now we have our full understanding of what a Face really is:


It is the place where the emotions of man are revealed.

Now let's look into the word Book in Hebrew 


Book in Hebrew is "Sefer"


In Hebrew we can permutate letters in a word to make new words. 


So the same letters used to write book-sefer are also used to write "Sipur" - a story,  "saphir" - a dimant and "Messaper" - the Story Teller (or the Author).


So the Ultimate Book, written by the Ultimate Story Teller is written the Ultimate Story, the Story of Life.  


Not only the Story of the life of humanity.  But also our each Personal Story.

And this is the story we want to help you explore in order for you to become the witter of your own story!!

So this is what we will explore and uncode together in order to re-balance your soul-interiority, your face and your interface with reality.

You will be guided step by step back into the origin of your story which is one with that of creation.




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