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Regarding the question that was asked about the "shituf" intermediary. The core of the prohibition of idolatry is the feeling that there is a reality apart from G-d. We must remember that the false feeling that there is a reality apart from G-d, is for us to make the right choice: that we recognize the truth that there is nothing but the infinite Creator. The essence of worship of idols is not to serve any of the creations, not an angel, a sphere, or a star, nor any of the four fundamental elements, nor any entity created from them. Even if the person worshiping knows about the truth of G-d and serves the creation in the manner in which Enosh and the people of his generation worshiped, he is considered to be an idol worshiper.

In the Divine Code there is an explanation about the Shituf:

"Rambam, in Laws of Foundations of the Torah 1:6, clearly gives his

opinion that one is a deviant believer and an idol worshiper if he believes there is an independent power that is secondary to God. Other major Torah authorities held that this incorrect belief in an intermediary power is not forbidden to Gentiles. Yet one who believes this is not one of the “pious of the nations of the world,” and he should be informed of his error if there is a the possibility that he will correct his belief and keep the prohibition against idolatry to its fullest (in thought as well as in action)."

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