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General Introduction to the Each One of the Seven Commandments of Torah for Humanity

First Commandment (Gen 2:16)

To Believe in God - Do Not Worship a False Deity

Genesis 2:16 states: “And Lord God commanded to the man, saying…” This Divine command to Adam implies that only the One True God, the Creator of the spiritual and physical realms, should be obeyed and honored as the Deity, and the greatest honor is to serve and worship Him. Thus, one should serve and worship only the One True God, and not any idol.

Every person should believe in the existence of the one and only Creator of the world. He creates the world and every person and knows all our actions and thoughts. He observes them and judges each person according to his deeds. He is the one and only G-d whom we must worship and to whom we should pray.

The practical meaning of this commandment is a complete prohibition to bow down or worship idols of any kind or to believe in another god or any created entity or force.

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