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5 Days
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8 Speakers
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18 Countries
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Israel 5th Annual Meeting 

Epic Noahide Jerusalem Conference                

  21-25 June 2020  

  Only $1,190  

Ignite the Messianic Era


This Event Includes

Day 1

Arrival in Israel

Hotel Check in

Opening Lectures

Day 2

Lectures & Jerusalem Tour

Day 3

Full Day Tour to Masada & Dead Sea

Day 4

Lectures &
Hebron Tour

Day 5

Lectures & Declarations with Signature of the Rabbis

Rabbi Moshe Weiner

Author of the Torah Universal Code for Humanity

Rabbi Tovia Singer

International Lecturer  
Outreach Judaism

Rabbi Moshe Perets

CEO Noahide Academy
of Jerusalem

Rabbi Dr. Michael Schulman

 Executive Director

Ask Noah INTL

Rabbi Shimon Cowen

Director of Jewish Ethics Institute, Mlb Australia.

Teacher of the Noahide Academy

Rabbi Ytshock Dubovick

Rabbi Yaacov D. Cohen

Noahide Code NGO Representative at the UN

Prof. Arthur Goldberg

Lecturer and columnist

New Jersey, USA

Daniel Selig

Tour Guide Expert

in Israel Biblical Sites

Info & Reservations


"Last year was fabulous: most insightful lectures from the Rabbis. Meeting and laughing with friends from all over the world. It is a blessing to be together in that amazing Holy city: Jerusalem. I booked this wonderful conference for the third time: this year in Jerusalem G’d Willing!"

Ana Marie Laseur,


The Annual Jerusalem Conference is organised by the Noahide Academy of Jerusalem (580619815)

Maalei Shazach 1, 96704 Jerusalem, Israel 

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