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A memory Shavuot 2023

Shavuot,,, the other day,,, a memory

As I climbed the small hill, at the crest of the small Jewish religious community I live in, I saw perhaps 2

or 3 dozen men at the crest of the hill,,, all praying and some singing songs and children all running and sitting and playing around,,,, the women were in their section, and also singing and praying,,,,

The sun was about to set and it was an inspiring sight.

All us were united in worshipping HaShem and and the atmosphere was solemn and holy,,, We all in unison were united in the task of worshipping the only living G-d, the G-d of Abraham.

As the sun set we all stood and faced Jerusalem,,, said the amidah prayer silently and the spirit of hashem was heavy and enveloped us all, not only as a community but each individual was anointed with the ruach ha kodesh,,, the presence of G-d was platiable,,, several men began dancing in a circle, and soon I, and a dozen or more joined in,,, we sang and danced before the LORD celebrating and remembering, the giving of the Torah to Moses and the children of Israel on that shavuot of long ago,,,

The circle broke up and we started to dance the line dance and soon several lines opposing each other formed and we sang and danced with vigor and joy,,, forward and back and then some small lines and individuals would dance 180 degrees in between the two main lines and we celebrated and smiled and joy of the Torah filled out hearts and souls,,,,

It was a awesome short time on the hills of Israel,,,

As the darkness encroached on the evening, the crowd dissipated and the quiet of the night came back,,,

I left that hill top with great memories of Shavuot 2023...

Shalom from the hills of Israel and the town called Merhav Am...

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