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Are we Allowed to Eat a Hanging Limb After Slaughter?

Updated: Nov 14, 2022

Divine Code for October 31, 2022

Today: Pages 262-264

From 4:3 -- 4:5

For people who are sensitive to the subject of killing an animal and do not eat meat, feel free to skip these parts.

If, however, the hanging limb or flesh could still heal as an ordinary portion of the body, all Torah authorities agree that it is permitted to be eaten after the animal is slaughtered or if it died in some other way.

Similarly, all Torah authorities agree that the situations below are not in the category of a ''hanging'' or detached limb:

(a) a limb that has been crushed or pounded, but it can still heal;

(b) a limb that has been crushed or pounded, but it can still heal;

(c) an animal's testicles that have been crushed or severed, but are left hanging in the scrotum and the scrotum is attached to the body (they are not considered to have been separated from the body, since they do not decay);

(d) if a bone is broken and it does not cut through the flesh and does not protrude outward, but instead remains entirely covered by the animal's skin (for it is likely to heal).

In all of these cases, after the animal dies or is killed, all authorities agree that it is permitted to eat from any part of the dislocated or injured limb.

Curious about the whole page? You can read it in The Divine Code.

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