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Can We Mention an Idols Name?

Divine Code for September 27, 2022

Today: Pages 201-202

From topic 12:4 -- 12:8

Even though there is no prohibition in mentioning the name of an idol casually, it is unfitting that a person should make it his habit to mention such a name, since it brings one to be drawn after the idol or to respect it, which is forbidden, as mentioned above in topic 2:1, from the verse ''Do not turn to the idols...'' Therefore, it is permitted to mention their names if there is a personal need for it and it is not in a respectful way, and surely if the mention is to dishonor them.

Likewise, if one's intention is to mention an idol's name in order to learn or explain the customs of its worshipers (in order to avoid those things), or in order to avoid transgressing the prohibition of practicing any of their rituals, then it is permitted.

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