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Do not Slaughter / Bring Offerings to an Idol

Divine Code for August 20, 2022

Today: Pages 127-128

Topic 3:12 -- 3:15

One who slaughters to the mountains, valleys, the sun, moon or constellations, seas or rivers, angels or the like and intends to serve it, this is idol worship and he is liable for a capital sin.

The same applies for one who slaughters to a demon.

One who brings a meal offering for an idol is liable (for example, of wheat or barley flour, gathering some amount of it by hand or with a vessel, even without the intention to burn it) since gathering meal is similar to sacrificing. This was also a service in the Holy Temple.

Reading schedule the Divine Code

Yesterday: Topic 3:7 - 3:11

Tomorrow: Topic 3:16 - 3:19

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Sarah Bakker is a blog writer and illustrator for the Noahide Academy. Raised with a traumatic childhood, she found the truth and has been a Noahide for many years. She uses her experience and the knowledge combined with her creative talents to teach others. Art, food, photography and music are some of her passions and likes to share it with the world.



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