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Eiver Min Ha Hai Meat Mixed

Updated: Nov 14, 2022

Divine Code for November 8, 2022

Today: Pages 277-278

From 6:6 -- 6:8

One is only liable for punishment for eating meat that was taken from a living animal. If, however, one cooked the meat and consumed the sauce, or squeezed out the juice from the meat and drank that, he is not liable.

Similarly, if one cooked this meat together with other foods and the forbidden meat imparted its flavor to those foods, one is not liable for consuming the other foods.

Likewise, if one sucks the juice from eiver min ha hai meat but does not eat the meat, he is not liable.

It is nevertheless forbidden to deliberately cook or mix meat that was served from a living land mammal or bird with other foods, for the purpose of benefiting from the forbidden flesh. It is appropriate to forbid food with which such eiver min ha hai meat was cooked. This applies when one intentionally cooked meat taken from a living animal with other food. If, however, such meat accidentally fell into a pot and imparted its flavor into the other food, there is no reason to forbid the original food, but the forbidden piece of meat remains prohibited.

Curious about the whole page? You can read it in The Divine Code.

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