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The Meat was Accidentally Mixed, What Now?

Divine Code for November 9, 2022

Today: Page 277

Topic 6:9 -- 6:11

If a forbidden piece of meat is accidentally mixed with permitted meat and it is not possible to distinguish between the two pieces of meat, a Noahide may eat part of this meat and give away the other part to another Noahide. If there is none, he may also give or discard part of the meat to an animal. It is not permissible to eat it in portions.

This rule applies because when in doubt, a Noahide may eat. However, if a Noahide eats the whole quantity, there is no question of doubt, as he will then surely eat of the forbidden meat.

In a life-threatening situation, it is permissible to eat it.

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Yesterday: Topic 6:6 - 6:8

Tomorrow: Topic 7:1 - 7:3

Brought By Angelique Sijbolts


Angelique Sijbolts is one of the main writers for the Noahide Academy. She has been an observant Noahide for many years. She studies Torah with Rabbi Perets every week. Angelique invests much of her time in editing video-lectures for the Rabbis of the Academy and contributes in administrating the Academy's website in English and Dutch. She lives in the north of the Netherlands. Married and mother of two sons. She works as a teacher in a school with students with special needs. And is a Hebrew Teacher for the levels beginners and intermediate. She likes to walk, to read and play the piano.



The Divine Code 4e edition by rabbi Moshe Weiner

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