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Is It Permissible To Save Oneself By Expending Another Person's Money?

Divine Code for December 26, 2022

Today: Pages 378-380

Part 7:3 -- 7:7

If one is in mortal danger, it is permissible to save oneself by expending another person's money, but only on condition that the money or property used will be returned. If one is not in mortal danger, it is forbidden to save oneself from any disease or suffering by using another person's money or property without permission, even if reimbursement is intended. It need not be said that it is forbidden to save one's own money or property by expending that of another person.

Curious about the whole page? You can read it in The Divine Code.

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Tomorrow: 7:8 -- 8:1

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The Divine Code (Third Edition)


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