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May Parents and Children sleep in Same Bed?

Daily Study of the Noahide Code of Laws

The Divine Code for February 1, 2023

Today: Page 455- 456

Topic Chapter 6:1 - 6:3

A man is forbidden to have close physical contact with a "forbidden relation".

He must distance himself from all actions that arouse his inclination to desire sinful cohabitation. But a father may hug and kiss his daughter, as this is not done in a way of sinful desire but rather of a parent's love to a child. It is permitted for a parent to sleep in the same bed as a child, wirh full body contact, until the children reach the stage that the child is embarressed to stand naked before a parent. Even at a later age in childhood, it is permitted for them to sleep in the same bed as long as they are clothed, until a girl is at the age of 12 and a boy at the age of 13 years.

Reading schedule of the Divine Code

Yesterday's Study Topic: 5:6 - 5:7

Tomorrow's Study Topic: 6:4 - 6:7

Curious about the whole page? You can read it in The Divine Code.

Sources: The Divine Code (4th edition) by Rabbi Moshe Weiner


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