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Swearing in Vain; What are the Types of Vows?

Divine Code for October 11, 2022

Today: Pages 226-227

From topic 3:11 -- 3:14

''Swearing in vain'' denotes one of the following types of vows:

(a) One who swears about a known thing, in which there exists no doubt to its truth, like one who swears that a stone is a stone. Included in this category are those who hurry to swear when there is no true need for an oath;

(b) One who sears about a matter which all know is false, like swearing that a man is a woman, or a stone is gold, which is not only false, but needs no verification.

(c) One who swears to do something which he has no power to accomplish, like swearing not to sleep for three consecutive days and night, or not to ear for seven days (or not to sleep or eat without giving a timeframe for his vow, which implies that the vow exists forever), utters a vow in vain, since he will surely not be able to keep it.

One need no pain himself and deprive himself of sleep for one or two days until he goes against his vow, and likewise for deprivation of food; rather it is permitted for him to eat and sleep right away, for since his vow is in vain, his words are of no consequence.

(d) One who swears about a prohibition he is commanded in (for example, swearing that he will eat flesh taken from a living animal, or steal, or commit adultery), has uttered a vain oath, since it is forbidden for him to keep his words, and he has no need to make such a vow.

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