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Ten Steps To Being Your Best

A Practical Handbook to enhance your life in every way Rabbi Abraham J. Twerski, M.D. has dedicated his professional life to helping people improve their personal outlook. Through his years of research,

writing and lecturing, he has earned recognition as a world-renowned authority on the positive effects of developing self-esteem - and how to do it.

In this volume, Dr. Twerski offers a simple, concrete, ten-step program that will give you insight into your own personality and teach you how to improve your mindset for the better. There are no complicated formulas, no sermons just ten easy steps that will sharpen your focus and help you become the very best person you can be.

Joy is an integral part of living a Jewish life, and joy comes from knowing that you have G-d-given abilities. Through Dr. Twerski's practical instructions and uplifting stories, you will feel that a new door has opened. No matter what is happening around you, no matter how perplexing life may be - you will develop the confidence to deal with it.

The ten steps are all in this handbook and it's waiting for you to put your best foot forward.

ISBN-10 1-57819-358-3

ISBN-13 978-1-57819-358-5

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