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The Bird and the Egg

Updated: Nov 14, 2022

Divine Code for November 6, 2022

Today: Pages 274-275

From 5:16 -- 5:19

The following rules apply if one struck a bird and caused an egg it was carrying to fall out. If the eff is fully developed with both a white and a yolk (although the shell is not formed, and the eff is still in a soft membrane), it is permitted, for then it is already considered as independent from the mother. If, however, the egg still requires the mother for development, it is considered as part of the bird organs, and it is considered as flesh removed from a living animal.

If a bird lays eggs naturally, even if they are not fully developed, or one slaughters or kills a bird and discovers underdeveloped eggs inside that were still dependent on the mother, the eggs are permitted.

Birds, most reptiles (including most lizards, turtles and snakes), and monotreme mammals (the echidna and platypus) reproduce by laying eggs that have protective shells. The rules in this and the following topic apply equally to birds and to any other of these creatures and their eggs.

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