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The Eight Sheretz Creatures

Updated: Nov 14, 2022

Divine Code for October 21, 2022

Today: Pages 244-245

From 1:9 -- 1:11

In the prohibition against eating meat from a living animal, rodents in general cannot be assumed to be included among the eight sheretz creatures (Hebrew שמונה שרצים, translated as ''eight creeping things'') that are listed in Leviticus (cited above in topic 1:7). Rodents in general must, therefore, be considered as wild mammals and not as sheretz animals. Since we find that some rodents, such as squirrels, porcupines, etc., are considered wild mammals in Torah law. Because of this doubt as to the identities of the names sheretz creatures in lev. 11:29-30 as mentioned above in topic 1:7, no rodents other than the house mouse, which is definitely a sheretz, can be considered exempt from the prohibition of eiver min ha'hai (Limb from a living animal). Bats are considered to be in the same category as birds (Lev.11:19).

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