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Prohibition of Creating a New Religion

Divine Code for September 1, 2022

Today: Pages 153-154

Topic 6:1 -- 6:3

It was explained in Part I that the Seven Noahide Commandments, as commanded by G-d and revealed through Moses, have been incumbent upon mankind from the time of Noah (before the giving of the Torah), and Moses was also commanded by the word of G-d to compel all the nations of the world to observe those basic precepts.

After the commandments of the Torah and their explanations were given by G-d at Mount Sinai, people do not have permission from G-d to create any new religions.

If one creates or upholds a new religion, he is liable for this transgression and he should be warned about this.

Reading schedule the Divine Code

Yesterday: Topic 5:12 - 5:13

Tomorrow: Topic 6:4 - 6:6


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Sources - The Divine Code

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