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The Siddur Miracle

The Siddur Miracle.

After 2 months here in the religious community of Merchav Am, in southern Israel. I was struggling to follow along with the liturgy of the synagogue, it is all in Hebrew and the Rabbi and cantors, spoke quickly and I just could not keep up and stay on the same page and quite often got lost.

So a week ago or so I prayed that hashem would help me, I was getting so frustrated with the whole thing.

The next day as the male children came into the schul, a young man perhaps 10? sat across the isle from me.

As the service proceeded he noticed my struggle of trying to stay on the correct page and he walk over to my side and helped flip the pages and point out where we were in the siddur! I was taken aback and just could not believe that this child was sent by HaShem to assist me in my struggle.

So for the next three days he dutifully sat there adjacent to me across the isle and when I was lost he quickly came to my rescue and got me on the right page.

This evening erev Shabbat, I saw him sitting with his father, and I quickly introduced my self to him.

Moshe B. was his name and his boys name is Eliyahu!!! The same as mine!!!

I told Moshe about this miracle of his son helping me in my struggle and to be honest it brings tears to my eyes now as I write this,,, HaShem is good and He hears and He answers prayers,,, Praise the name of the G-d of Abraham.

Moshe was astounded as was I and little Eliyahu, as I an his dad were talking just pushed his scooter and lead the way to his home...

So folks just an update on my progress here in Israel and a Noahide and as a man converting to Judaism...

Shalom from the hills of Yisrael....

Shabbat Shalom...

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Rabbi Moshe Bernestein
Rabbi Moshe Bernestein
Jul 16, 2023

So nice, wish you a lot of help from Hashem

Eliyahu Greenwald
Eliyahu Greenwald
Jul 16, 2023
Replying to


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