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What About Causing Harm To Oneself

Divine Code for December 22, 2022

Today: Pages 370-372

Part 6:3 -- 6:4

Just as it is forbidden to harm another person, it is also forbidden to harm oneself, as it says, ''Your blood of your souls I will demand.'' Just as it is learned from this verse that it is forbidden to commit suicide (as explained above in chapters 1 and 2), it is likewise forbidden to harm oneself.

The body of a person is not self-possessed, and a person therefore has no right to harm himself without due reason, in the manner that one may do tho his own property. Even if a person has given permission to another to harm him, it is forbidden for the other to do so.

This also includes a prohibition for one to case himself suffering for no reason, since the body is not one's own possession. But if there is a purpose in it, such as toil for making a living, it is surely permitted.

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