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What if More People Strike One Person?

Updated: Dec 10, 2022

Warning: This sensitive topic speaks about murder and injury

Divine Code for November 30, 2022

Today: Pages 322-323

Part 1:18 -- 1:20

Ten people who hit one individual, one after another, and killed him are all murderers and are all put to death, if each of the ten hit with a lethal blow.

Those in the group who did not hit with a blow that had the capacity to kill are exempt from capital punishment.

What is the ruling if two people strike a victim to his death, one after the other, and neither had the power to kill him on their own? If the first person's striking would not have killed the victim, but it weakened him enough so that the second person's strike killed him, then only the second person is liable as a murderer.

If one person throws a victim off a roof, from which the victim would certainly die, and another person held a sword beneath the falling victim, onto which the victim fell and was killed before hitting the ground, both of the attackers are considered murderers. (This is like the case of attackers who strike a victim, one after the other, each with a lethal blow.)

Curious about the whole page? You can read it in The Divine Code.

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The Divine Code (Third Edition)


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