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What If One Kills Unintentionally?

Warning: This sensitive topic speaks about unintentional murder.

Divine Code for December 16, 2022

Today: Pages 358-360

Part 5:4 -- 5:5

In chapter 1 it is explained that one who kills intentionally, either directly or indirectly , is a murder. These two cases are likewise equal for unintentional murder. If one kills directly or indirectly by an act that is considered close to being intentional, he is liable to capital punishment by a court. If the act is completely unintentional, whether killing directly or indirectly, the manslayer is exempt from a court penalty (through the Torah's permission for a blood-redeemer applies).

Therefore, if one's actions directly cause a person's death (such as one who ties up another person and then places him in the sun to die of heatstroke or leaves him to die of hunger, and even if he only intended to make the person suffer), this is considered bordering on intentional murder. Even if the perpetrator forgot the tied-up victim, who subsequently died, there is still full liability, since a person must always take responsibility for his conduct. Therefore, the perpetrator is liable like one who committed intentional murder. Likewise, if the perpetrator tied up a victim with the intention to kill him by starvation, and then was prevented from saving the victim who subsequently died, he is considered in court as a murderer, since that was his original intention (although circumstances occurred that kept it from being prevented).

Curious about the whole page? You can read it in The Divine Code.

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