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What is allowed with cross-graft?

Updated: Dec 10, 2022

Divine Code for November 18, 2022

Today: Pages 297-299

From 9:11 -- 9:16

There are several species of thees whose leaves or fruit resemble each other. Nevertheless, since they are distinct species, the prohibition against cross-grafting applies to them. For example, an apple and a crabapple, a peach and an almond, and a plum and a jujube are separate species with regard to cross-grafting, even though they have some similarities. Similarly, a citron is a different species than a lemon, and an orange is a different species than a grapefruit. Indeed, all of the different citrus fruit are considered as distinct species and may not be cross-grafted.

Branches from different types of the same species of tree may be grafted onto each other. For example, it is permitted to graft a shoot from a white fig tree onto a dark fig tree, or from a golden apple tree onto a Macintosh apple tree. The same permission applies to grafting apple trees with wild apple trees. Thus it is permitted to graft one fruit tree with another from the same family, even if the two fruits are different colors or sizes, or if they have different names, like two types of figs or two types of apples.

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