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What is Considered Practicing Soothsaying?

Updated: Oct 12, 2022

Divine Code for September 23, 2022

Today: Pages 194-195

From topic 11:3 -- 11:6

Soothsaying involves those who follow signs, such as: ''Since my bread has fallen from my mouth or my stick has fallen from my hand, etc., I will not go to such-and-such a place today, for if I go, I will not be successful, ''or, '' Since a fox passed me on the right-hand side I will not leave my house today, for if I do I will meet a swindler, etc.''

This also applies to those who listen to the chirpings of the birds and follow these as signs, such as, ''Because the birds chirped this way or that way, such-and-such will happen and such-and-such will not,'' or, ''Because the birds chirped..., today it will be good to do this, but bad to do that, etc.''

Those who prognosticate by the actions of a rat or birds, or signs in the heavens (Jeremiah 10:2), are also practicing soothsaying. Similarly, one who designates signs for himself, by deciding that he will act this way or that way according to what transpires before his eyes, is also sooth saying.

Likewise, someone who tells a person that he will have bad luck unless he slaughters his rooster that called out in the evening, or his hen that made a sound like a rooster, is also soothsaying. All of these practices are forbidden.

The practice of soothsaying also includes those who throw dice or coins, or draw cards, or do anything else that produces one result or another with a statistical probability, and follow these as signs, such as, ''if it will fall a certain way, it is a sign for such and such, and if it will fall otherwise, it is a different sign.''

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