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What was the Sin of Er and Onan?

Daily Study of the Noahide Code of Laws

The Divine Code for January 30, 2023

Today: Page 452- 454

Topic Chapter 5:2 - 5:5

Er and Onan spilled their semen to prevent their wife from becoming pregnant, and Hashem punished them for this. A Noahide man is forbidden to intentionally spill semen by his own actions or by allowing this to happen. This also applies to one who cohabits inside a woman and then spill semen outside the woman.

When a woman cannot conceive and a man has intercourse with his wife in the normal way he does not spill his semen. For this is the way of marital cohabitation and it is necessary for the establishment of love between husband and wife, it ensures peace in their marriage.

Reading schedule of the Divine Code

Yesterday's Study Topic: 5:1

Tomorrow's Study Topic: 5:6 - 5:7

Curious about the whole page? You can read it in The Divine Code.

Sources: The Divine Code (4th edition) by Rabbi Moshe Weiner


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