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Garden of Eden World Wide Game

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The Game starts on the First Night of Chanukah 5783

Sunday Night 18.12.22.

Rabbi Yaakov Once Said

“This world is like an entry way before the World to Come; prepare yourself in the entry way so that you may enter the banquet hall.”

How do You Earn Points?

  • By doing a Good Deed.

  • Every specific Good Deed has a value of 20 Points.

  • Please check the list of Good Deeds.

Earn Bonuses By Getting the Patriarchs Cards

Get a 100 Bonus by Retrieving Each Patriarchs Card.

How do You Show You Made a Good Deed?

You make a post with a picture or video with text explaining what you did in the Garden of Eden Game Group.

You can also do 1 post at the end of the day with 1 picture and explaining the 5 good Deeds i.e.: prayer, blessings, charity, Torah study, helping another person etc

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Shalom to all! This group is purely to publish Good Deeds! P...



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