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Another question has come to mind as I'm reviewing this class: What if a criminal who has been convicted of one crime that he committed but had committed other crimes that the court doesn't know about, will HASHAM then punish him?

In the notes from the class it says: "HASHEM will look upon the ways of an individual & judge him for his every action.....or if the court does not know about his behavior."

Asaf Studnitz
Efraim van der Vennen
Asaf Studnitz
Asaf Studnitz
May 29

according to Jewish tradition, when a transgression is unknown to the court but has indeed occurred, it remains within the domain of divine justice. The Jewish faith teaches that no act is hidden from God; therefore, every individual is accountable to God for their actions, even if they are not visible to human eyes. In such cases, there is a belief that God finds ways to bring justice to that individual.

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