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Can we Make or Buy a Statue of an Idol?

Updated: Sep 1, 2022

Divine Code for August 28 2022

Today Page 143-144

From topic 5:1 -- 5:3

It is forbidden to make for oneself a statue or an image of an idol that is worshiped, whether one makes it himself or tells others to make it for him, even if he does not intend to serve it, as it says, "you shall not make for yourself a carved statue nor any image etc.''

It is forbidden to buy a statue or image of an actual idol, even if one does not intend to serve it, for it is forbidden to own or keep on one's property, any type of idol, even if this particular person will not serve at all.

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C Lawrence
C Lawrence
Aug 28, 2022

What if the image is not one that is worshipped but work of art used for decoration?

Angelique Sijbolts
Angelique Sijbolts
Aug 28, 2022
Replying to

I understood it as follows:

You are not allowed to make an image of a human being or a sting in a full 3D shape in the right proportions. Not even for decoration, because it could lead to people seeing it as an idol or worshipping it.

Read The Divine Code 4th edition p. 142

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