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Guard Yourself Against Committing Blasphemy

Updated: Oct 12, 2022

Divine Code for October 1, 2022

Today: Pages 210-211

From topic 1:1 -- 1:2

Gentiles are warned against ''blessing G-d's Name'' (the term is euphemistic, and means cursing G-d), and they are liable for this.

Adam, the first person, was warned about this, as it says, ''And the L-rd G-d commanded [upon] Adam ...'' This means that G-d commanded His Divinity and authority upon Adam. The three meanings of this statement are:

''I am G-d; do not exchange Me'' - for another god, this being the prohibition of idolatry.

''I am G-d; do not curse Me'' - this being the prohibition of blasphemy.

''I am G-d; the fear of Me shall be upon you'' - this being the obligation to fear G-d. Fearing G-d is a part of the general commandment to guard one's self against committing blasphemy.

This prohibition was again commanded explicitly in the Torah regarding Gentiles, as it says, ''Any man who will blaspheme his G-d shall bear his sin, and one who pronounces blasphemously G-d's Name shall be put to death [by an empowered Beit Din court] ...'' Thus Moses received and transmitted additional details and clarifications about this Noahide prohibition.

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