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Life is a Precious Gift

Like the title of this blog already reveals what I'm going to write about, life is a precious gift.

One day I chatted with a woman on Facebook who made contact with me by chat. Her reason was that she was sometimes bored and just made a chat with random people.

I couldn't understand why she made contact without knowing anything of me and tried to have a deeper conversation.

Her Facebook page was full of pictures and information about her, where she lived and where she worked.

Her life seemed to be happy, she was a healthy, good looking and a working mother.

Something what I always see around me, the society's standard.

In the past I thought this was how life should be. I learned that education was important, we all need to get to work hard, having a lot of friends, party a lot, find someone to marry with, having children etc.

Now I know there is much more.

I thought; How is it possible to be bored when one is having a life with everything ones heart desires?

I can only be thankful that I feel ''awake'', knowing there is more than meets the eye.

Life isn't all about the material or about what you gain in life. It's about finding the truth, learn to know yourself and where you can make a change within yourself to become a better you. Finding HaShem everywhere in everything, become sensitive to others life and be thankful for everything HaShem is giving. Even the less positive moments are for the good.

The hard moments in life makes you stronger and makes you change to the best possible you. We find in these moments the lessons that will make us grow and with this, HaShem is always ''walking'' with us. He knows the struggles and also knows that we have the ability to pass the tests.

Every wasted minute is something we never get back. Once it's gone it becomes the past. Time is worth much more than money or any materialism.

When you realize these thing, it's impossible to become bored because you realize life is a precious gift from the One who gave it all to us.

Brought By Sarah Bakker


Sarah Bakker is a blog writer and illustrator for the Noahide Academy. Raised with a traumatic childhood, she found the truth and has been a Noahide for many years. She uses her experience and the knowledge combined with her creative talents to teach others. Art, food, photography and music are some of her passions and likes to share it with the world.


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Angelique Sijbolts
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