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Obligatory Moral Conduct

Updated: Sep 1, 2022

Divine Code for August 6, 2022

Today: Pages 97-98

Topic 8:1 -- 8:5

Every person has natural traits, and there are other traits that one acquires by regularly habituating himself to act in these ways. A person must always evaluate his traits and strive to bring them toward the correct path.

It's important to take a look into oneself and learn to uplift the bad traits. for example: If one is naturally an angry person (fast angry) one should work on himself not to get angry. He should force himself with humility and patience toward others until he permanently acquires these good traits. He than should act the opposite of what he thinks and feels.

One should look upon others with favorable eye and be favorably looked upon by others.

Reading schedule the Divine Code

Yesterday: Topic Prayers for... to Chapter 7

Tomorrow: Topic 8:6 - 8:11

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Sarah Bakker is a blog writer and illustrator for the Noahide Academy. Raised with a traumatic childhood, she found the truth and has been a Noahide for many years. She uses her experience and the knowledge combined with her creative talents to teach others. Art, food, photography and music are some of her passions and likes to share it with the world.



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