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Which Actions Make One Liable for Idol Worship?

Updated: Sep 1, 2022

Divine Code for August 18, 2022

Today: Pages 122-124

Topic 3:1 -- 3:6

A gentile is forbidden to engage in all forms of idol worship.

There is no difference if the person serves a detached idol such as a statue, or an attached natural thing such as a mountain or a sea, the sun or moon, another celestial entity, or an animal or a person.

For a idol that has many traditional ways of service, one is liable for performing any one of them.

One who bows down to an idol is liable for this prostration, whether he prostrates totally and spreads his hands and feet to the ground, or only put his face to the ground.

The prohibition of slaughtering to an idol includes both cutting the animal's throat, severing the back of the neck, or chopping the neck with an axe, whether it is an animal or a bird. Each of these methods is included in sacrificing to other gods, and one is liable for any of these.

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