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Choshen Mishpat I – Laws and Judges for Bnei Noah


“Laws, Courts and Judgments” is the fourth of the 8 Study Cycles (12-Week Modules) of the Noahide Academy of Israel based on the Sefer “Sheva Mitzvot HaShem” in Hebrew and its English Translation: the “Divine Code” - the compendium of Torah Law for Noahides Law applicable today, compiled by Rabbi Moshe Weiner in 2012 from Torah Law. The other are “Orach Chaim II,III”, “Yorah Deah I,II”, “Even HaEzer I,(II)”

Mishpatim deals with the establishment of courts, laws, appointing judges and officers, and who is worthy to be a judge, taking bribes, monetary laws, commercial transactions, arbitration, social morality, doing kindness, jurisdiction of a Noahide Court, appeal for a decision, the order of the court case, necessary qualifications of witness, laws of inheritance, punishment of murderer and other infractions of the Torah Laws for Noahides, government law and military justice…

The Dayan Ordination (Judge) requires mastery of this Section of the “Noahide Code,” (as well as of course of the other 2 sections, Orach Chaim and Yore Deah), and includes the language “Yadin, Yadin” – “He is qualified to judge.”

This includes in this first part the knowledge in: The Prohibition of Theft; Laws of Returning Stolen Objects and Restitution for Theft; The Prohibition of Aiding or Having Benefit from Theft or Buying Stolen Property and the Laws of Unintentional Theft.; Laws of Saving Oneself or One’s Property at the Expense of Another’s Money; Taking the Law into One’s Own Hands; Theft Incurred by False Measurements and the Prohibition of Cheating or Misinforming Another Person; The Prohibitions of Extortion and Forcing a Purchase.


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