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Can we Use G-d's Holy Names in a Restroom?

Updated: Oct 12, 2022

Divine Code for October 7, 2022

Today: Pages 218-219

From topic 2:7 -- 2:10

One who curses any person with G-d's Name in any language,whether he curses himself or others, or even a dead or evil person, has transgressed a prohibition, since he uses G-d's Name in vain.

One who mentions G-d's Name (in any language) and spits (in disgust), whether he does so before or after he mentions the Name, has jeopardized his part in the World to Come.

It is forbidden to mention any of the specified holy Names (which may not be erased; see topic 1:2 above), and even names for G-d in other languages, in a place where there is filth or in an undignified situation (for example, in a restroom or bathhouse, or where people are unclothed; see Part I, end of topic 6:6, for more details), since this is degrading to G-d's Name.

The word shalom in Hebrew is also a Name of G-d (based on Judges 6:24), and it is therefore forbidden to say ''shalom'' (''peace'') as a greeting while ons is in such a place. This applies specifically to saying it in Hebrew, but it is permitted to say the translation of the word shalom in other languages, since that is not considered G-d's Name. One may, however, call a person by his given name Shalom in a bathhouse. Attributive names such as ''The Compassionate,'' ''The Merciful,'' ''The Faithful'' and the like, may even be mentioned in Hebrew in a bathhouse, even if one intends that it refers to G-d, since people are sometimes also described with these terms.

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