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How Eliana Discovered What it Is to Be a Noahide!

Updated: Aug 3, 2022

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We need to address a point that arises in the minds of many

Gentiles who accept and follow the truth of the Noahide Code.

This is a question about Divine fairness: what can be said about Gentiles who

never had access to awareness and information about the wellsprings

of the Noahide Code, which is now finally being disseminated

throughout the world?

Surely many good people, who did many good deeds, passed on without having had the opportunity to know of, or much less observe, the Seven Noahide Commandments. Did they not deserve the opportunity to receive a portion in the future World to Come through faithful observance of the Noahide Code?

It is fundamentally important to recognize that God is fair and just,

and therefore no deserving soul is denied the opportunity to earn aplace in the World to Come. God’s ways, including how He accomplishes

this, are ultimately inscrutable and beyond the understanding of


However, on such a fundamental question, there must be

answers that we can relate to on a practical basis. The growth of the

world population has accelerated greatly over the past few hundred

years, from 791 million in 1750, to 3 billion in 1959, to 7.5 billion in


Thus, the world’s population at this time, when the Noahide

Code is finally being presented openly for all mankind, is surely more

than able to contain the reincarnated souls of all good and deserving

Gentiles who have lived in the past.

This may be God’s way to give a soul an extra opportunity it deserves, to make amends and to become righteous. Therefore, it is a great service to every soul in the world today if we, together, will make this opportunity known and available.

With God’s help, through your help, we will accomplish this task, and very soon, with the coming of the Messiah, “the occupation of the whole world will be solely to know God,”9 and “the earth will be as filled with knowledge of God as water covering the sea bed.” (Isaiah 11:9)

Brought by Rabbi Moshe Perets


Rabbi Moshe Perets is the Founder and Executive Director of, the world’s largest Noahide informational website. He has established the Noahide Academy of Israel website under the non-profit organisation - אור לעמים - Light Unto the Nations since 2016. He accomplished his Rabbinical Studies at the Chabad Yeshiva of Brussels in 2011. He has a medical degree by the University of Louvain in Brussels as well a Masters in Biomedical Research by the Hebrew University of Jerusalem. He has for the past years focused on Psychotherapy and developed a new approach: Deep Soul Therapy. He is a spiritual mentor, teacher, coach, and healer who has helped facilitate profound shifts for hundreds of people around the globe. His teaching activities at the Noahide Academy allowed students from all over the world to live passionate, purposeful lives, connect more intimately with G-d, and reveal the hidden light and power of their souls. Rabbi Moshe Perets lives currently in Israel with his wife and 5 children.


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