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Is Religion Given by G-d ?

Updated: Aug 3, 2022

The world and humanity now seems occupied until lost in religion. Each claim theirs is the authentic, original, direct from G-D the creator of the universe.

But if we will stop for a while and think, we will realize that religion is nothing more than man made or invention.

What HE gave humanity is the USER MANUAL on how to live and behave here on earth, alligning ourself with this USER MANUAL means live according to our intended purpose.

Brought By Leo Yuwono


Leo's journey towards Noahide start in 2013 where he decided to embark the journey of truth, learning what the jews really believe from a neutral standpoint, without bias. This journey then bring him to a decission to embrace Torah after learning that this is the Truth, a guide given by G-d The Creator for humankind.

By now, the Community members reach 140 people, spreaded across Indonesian Archipelago. Leo is learning weekly with Rav. Moshe Perets and Rav. Dr. Shimon D. Cowen. The Rabbis also provide Online Torah Class to the community.


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