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Modesty: Your Crown of Glory

By Jelana Greenwald

Modesty: Our Crown of Glory

Modesty is more than the clothes you choose to wear. It's your behavior, how you talk, how you eat, how you carry yourself. It's a lifestyle that is so beautiful. You are bringing your INNER soul OUT :) What I admire most about women who choose to be modest is their sense of dignity. They know their worth and respect themselves enough to cover their bodies. A rare diamond does not get flashed around in town, so we shouldn't do that with our body! Society today teaches that true confidence is when you can wear more revealing clothing, but someo

ne who is modest challenges this idea.

TRUE confidence is when you don’t need to show off your body because you know it’s not your being. You

want people to respect you and see you not as a body/item, but as a human being with a genuine soul. To me, in this world today, women who choose to go against the unfortunate “norm” are brave. What happened to the precious meaning of

feminine beauty?

It was corrupted and young girls are falling into this trap. They don’t feel beautiful when they cover themselves. The less they wear, they feel they live up to that standard that society has brainwashed them into believing. Our bodies were created with love and care, to be private. Also for serving God and to be seen only by our husbands. Not for the world to see!

Let’s get into why someone would want to cover up.

When women want people to love them for who they are and not their appearance they are very careful with what they choose to wear. If I want someone to take me seriously and get to know me, I would cover myself up so that there are no distractions in my physical appearance.

Psychiatrists, sociologists, and therapists have found that what people wear reveals a lot about their character. They have said that people project their personalities by their appearance and body language. It goes even as far as many therapists saying they can partially diagnose a patient based on this alone! Just goes to show how important it is for us to think about what we want others to know about us before they even talk to us.

Whether we like to admit this or not, our apparel and body language portray who we are to some degree. It is found that some lawyers are trained on what to tell their client to wear to court to have a certain effect on the jury!

As I said earlier, how we choose to dress does matter and gives powerful messages to others about how we feel towards ourselves. How we value ourselves and how we accept or reject society's standards.

Another reason why a woman would want to cover herself, is to protect others. Mostly men but also other women from becoming jealous! I know I know! NOT a popular view. Think about it. How many times have you put yourself down or felt envious of someone else’s beauty and body? I can say almost my whole life! From a young age to a few years ago. Seeing college girls half-dressed with everything enhanced and showing, I wanted their bodies. I worked myself sick at the gym trying to achieve something that wasn’t me. It didn’t make me feel good about myself always wanting what someone else had. The girls who were covered, which was rare to see, I didn’t feel much envy for. Now that I’m older I understand what jealousy can do to someone and I try to cover myself so I don’t make someone else upset. I am confident in my image and know there will be some who do want what I have. This isn’t me being cocky, it goes for everyone on this planet. There is always someone more attractive, “more” than you. Be happy with what you were gifted with and don’t try to show it off to the world! Be humble and protect others. With this mindset, I didn’t want to draw attention to myself in a negative light.

Think about other women who have husbands or boyfriends. I wouldn’t want someone else’s husband looking at me and causing a problem, vice versa. Men are men and they were created differently! We can’t change that but we can do OUR part to protect them. Think of how you’d feel if your “best friend” was coming over with her body revealed in front of your husband. If you wouldn’t want it done to you, don’t do it to others.

Another reason would be her love for G-d. She knows she is the Creator’s daughter and he tells her that modesty is the most important thing she could ever do! Not only that but for her prayers to be heard, to show she truly loves G-d, and to properly represent God, she MUST be modest. When someone claims they love G-d it’s their actions that truly show how true that is. If you say God is everything to you, but you are immodest, you are sadly not showing anything but that God’s opinion of you doesn’t matter. I was this girl who preached God’s words but I did the opposite. I looked very foolish and broke God’s heart. Seeing his daughter acting this way, I can’t imagine! As a mother, I get sick to my stomach thinking about being in that position. I think back about the dangers I put myself in dressing this way and being in the crowd I was. It’s a miracle I was unharmed, it’s the sad truth. Women put themselves in dangerous positions dressing provocatively because there are sick people out there.

We have to re-train our minds to know that the true standard of beauty is modesty. To feel comfortable with ourselves for who we are on the inside and not have to expose our body to the world. You are beautiful, worthy and whole! Your modesty is your crown, wear it proudly! :)

Brought By Jelana Greenwald

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