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The Lock of the Pearl Chain

Develop Your Potential

Every human being has an amount of good attributes, qualities and intellect.

He can use his intellect for Torah study, his study on the 7 Noahide laws and his details.

A person may have the quality of writing beautiful sensitive thoughts.

You have people who naturally have a good and generous heart.

However, if you don't put order in your life, the above examples are easily lost. The study can also be done tomorrow, because I was already so busy at work today. Writing a poem, I will do that tomorrow because today is too nice weather to sit at my desk. Tomorrow I will visit the old lady, today I don't feel like it, tomorrow I will be more cheerful, which will also be nicer for her.

And so we often think up excuses not to do things now, not at a fixed time, because deep down inside, everyone likes to lie nice and quiet and warm under their blanket. Dreaming away in his fantasies, dreaming away in his sleep. Not realising that every minute gone is gone, that every minute not spent usefully on his intellect, on good qualities or attributes is lost forever, every minute is a pearl falling to the ground and rolling away forever.

A pearl necklace is a pearl necklace only when the pearls stay in the necklace, they stay in it because of the lock. Order is the lock that helps create an inner sense that important things are well arranged and taken care of and, as a result, that the datails of life are under control.

Then we have time for Study, that we have time for a poem, that we have time for that old lady.

Sources: Het Heilige in het Alledaagse by Alan Morinis


Angelique Sijbolts is one of the main writers for the website. She contributes for the admin of the website in English and Dutch. She teaches Hebrew to beginners and intermediate students at the Academy.

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Edwin Hissink
Edwin Hissink
Feb 10, 2023

Een prachtig boek over Mussar.

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