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Are We Allowed To Look At The Public Media?

By Sarah Bakker

Divine Code for December 30, 2022

Today: Pages 387-388

Part 8:13 -- 9:2

Many forms of public media (newspapers, magazines, television, radio, internet, etc.) publicize evil gossip and tale-bearing. It is permissible to read or watch them, even though one is hearing evil gossip and tale-bearing, because these things are already publicized and have became common knowledge (see topic 4). Nevertheless, it is not fitting for this to be a person’s main interest and attention. It is only if the person saw or heard this by chance, and he did not go delving into the matter, that there is no transgression involved.

It is not even forbidden to tell others about gossip that was publicized through the media, but it is a bad trait to feel good about, or benefited from, the failures and shortcomings of other people. Such a trait is unfitting for an upright person. However, it is forbidden to receive a subscription to a media publication if its main business is evil gossip and tale-bearing. Furthermore, these types of publications should not be supported.

If the publication’s main business is not evil gossip or tale-bearing, but it includes these types of reports as interspersed minor additions, it is permitted for one to support and subscribe to such media. Nevertheless, one should protest the wrongdoing they commit by publicizing evil gossip. It is explained in Part I, Chapter 4, that whoever can safely protest a sinful policy and urge that it be eliminated is obligated to do so, in order to improve the opinions of others, and to improve the world.

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Sarah Bakker is a blog writer and illustrator for the Noahide Academy. After a difficult time, she found Judaism. She has been a Noahide for many years and uses her experiences and knowledge combined with her creative talents to help others.



The Divine Code (Third Edition)


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Unfortunately, social media can be a breeding ground for gossip. 😔

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