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How to Make Your Actions Matter

Updated: Aug 2, 2022

... By Believe in Yourself...

“Impossible. Absolutely impossible.” How often do we hear these discouraging words, pouring cold water on our freshly hatched ideas? Don’t you think that the first inventors of the airplane or any other technology were told by their peers that their dreams were an impossibility? Yet, they persisted and finally prevailed.

History is witness to countless stories of humans achieving the impossible.

And how else do we explain the seemingly irrational — or more accurately:

supra-rational — drive that we can overcome any challenge. How, for instance, are doctors utterly convinced that they can ultimately conquer every illness?! It is because we have an instinct that all is possible. This instinct stems from the power of the soul — the inherent faith and trust we carry in our soul — that transcends mortality and all the limits and shortcomings of human existence.

It is critical that we believe in ourselves to be able to achieve anything in this world. That we can touch the infinite and the eternal. But we must also know that our psyches are under a constant assault of many forces reminding us time and again about our limitations, feeding our insecurities and fears.

You have the power to be Divine, and with ease! You only need to believe that it is possible.

Brought by Sarah Perets

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