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What is the Most Important Job In The World?

Updated: Dec 24, 2022

By Jelena Derosa

Have you ever struggled with people making you feel bad about being a stay-at- home mother? They made you feel as if it wasn't as important of a job? Have you questioned it yourself sometimes? Is being a stay-at-home mom enough? Should I get a "real" job and actually contribute to the family?

If you answered yes to these questions or had these thoughts, I know how you feel!

First, I want to acknowledge how strong woman are for all they may endure. Menstrual cycles, menopause, pregnancies, miscarriages, giving birth(normal delivery or C-section), infertility, postpartum, child rearing (biological, adoption, or foster), hormones, the list goes on and on! Our list never ends. B'H. Then we get married and have to be a good wife and mother and constantly work through our emotions and endless thoughts. We always want to be doing more and feel that we aren't doing enough.

People make insensitive, judgmental comments about raising children such as "You should be at work helping to make money for the family,

not staying at home doing nothing." If you do work, people comment, "You're never home, your children are being raised by someone else, you work too much, you should be at home more." I noticed people always have something to say no matter what you do. It's never good enough for others!

So I decided to stop listening to those negative voices and listen to my own. You DO do enough. You are constantly busy at home with cooking/making 3 meals a day, cleaning, laundry, nurturing the children, teaching them morality, trying to work on your character traits, trying your best to show equal attention to all children, treating your husband like a King, thinking and looking up ways to get the family to bond more, creating fun ways to learn Torah for the kids, trying to help women get closer to Hashem by sharing your testimonies, crying because you're feeling bad about being a stay-at-home mom and looking for jobs, and then the next minute realizing you being at home is purposeful. WOAH! What a load!! That's not even half of what I wanted to write.

Breathe Mamma! Just realize you have the greatest and hardest job in the world! Bringing children into the world is the "easy" part. Raising them is the most challenging and rewarding and you do it all! Hashem gave us this beautiful gift of womanhood and the ability to handle it. If you are overwhelmed just know that Hashem would NOT give you something you couldn't handle! He gave you this gift, this responsibility of staying at home, and it is the most important job anyone could ever have. So don't feel ashamed if anyone comments that it's not a job, especially if they aren't parents!

Smile at everything you are doing and know that IT IS ENOUGH. You are a Super Hero! Keep doing this amazing work. You are so special to Hashem and all that you are doing, you will be blessed!

Brought By Jelena Derosa


Jelena Derosa is a new blogger for the Noahide Academy. She has been an observant Noahide for 3 years and is in the process of conversion. She is married with 3 children and is always coming up with new ways to teach her children about being righteous Noahides. She is a stay at home mom who spends most of her time teaching her children Torah and proper character development. Aside from her children, she spends time blogging, and creating YouTube videos where she shares testimonies in hopes to help someone else learn and heal. She is also building her small business called "Modest Me." She tries to help secular women find G-d and discover the beauty of Modesty and live a modest lifestyle.


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Johanna Colak
Johanna Colak
Dec 23, 2022

Sehr schön geschrieben

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