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Burnt offering

Updated: Sep 1, 2022

Divine Code for August 22, 2022

Today: Pages 131-132

Topic 3:20 -- 3:23

One who burns anything to an idol or demon is liable. One who burns an animal, a plant, salt or spices to an idol is liable for a capital sin. Even if this is not the customary way of serving the idol, the ruling still applies, because burning is one of the four services that are performed for G-d in the Holy Temple (as explained in topic 4)

One who burns a person's living or dead body, or any part of a human body, as a service to an idol is liable for a capital sin of idol worship, even if it is not the idol's traditional manner of worship.

One is liable for offering a person even if this is not the idol's customary service. Even though one is always liable for murder, the practical difference is that if it is combined with idolatry, the person is liable to punishment by the Hand of Heaven on two counts. There is also a practical difference as to whether one burned the body after someone else had killed the person, or if he burned just one limb of the body.

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