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Can we Bow Down to a Statue or Person?

Updated: Sep 1, 2022

Divine Code for August 24, 2022

Today: Pages 134-135

Topic 3:27 -- 3:29

If one bows down to the statue or image of an idol, even if he does not verbally accept it as a deity, this activity itself is accepting it as a deity, and he is liable for a capital sin. Likewise, if one bows down to the sun, a star, a mountain or the like, and he states that he is bowing down to it, even though he does not mention that he is bowing down to it as a deity or accepting it as deity, he is liable for a capital sin.

It is forbidden to bow down to another person who makes himself into a god, just as for any other idol. If one bows down to the person out of fear or honor alone, and does not accept him as a deity, he is exempt from punishment.

It is permitted to bow down to a fellow person as an act of merely extending greetings, if that is the accepted custom.

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