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When is Wine or Meat Offered to an Idol Nullified?

Updated: Oct 12, 2022

Divine Code for September 19, 2022

Today: Pages 185-187

From topic 9:17 -- 9:19

For wine poured for an idol that later turned into vinegar, to the point that it is unfit for drink, and meat offered to an idol that became spoiled to the point that it is unfit for an animal to eat, it appears that this is considered nullification of the offering, since it is unfit for its designated purpose, and it is permitted for benefit.

Furthermore, it appears to the author that although meat offered before an idol is forbidden to benefit from, if it is worthy for human consumption (by honorable people), still, one mat feed it to animals, even if they are his own animals that he must feed. This is considered destroying and nullifying the idol's offering, since this type of benefit is not honorable or reverential for the idol. On the contrary, it is degrading the offerings and the worship of the idol.

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