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Halacha 101

  • 12Weeks
  • 12Steps


Want to know how to really study the Bible-Torah? How to pray like the Jews do? Are you seeking to renew your connection with the Jewish People? Perhaps you have heard of the 7 Noahides Laws and want to learn and start implementing them in your life? Perhaps you did not yet had the opportunity to learn it from the World Expert Rabbis from Israel? So this is the right Course for you. Here you can begin your Journey back to your Creator, the G-d of Israel, the Jewish People and to fulfil your true divine innate potential. The "Orach Chaim" (in hebrew), Way of Life for Noahides , Torah Laws 101 will take you through a 12 hours self-paced learning experience of the authentic Will of the Creator for you by the world expert Rabbis from the Noahide Academy of Israel. What will you learn during this course? To really understand the Original Bible (Jewish Torah); To identify false from true Prophets and writings; To pray like Jews do; To say the right Blessings before the 6 types of food and say Grace after Meals. To Redefine your character traits according to Torah; How to do Teshuvah (Repentance) according to the Jewish way; And much more. At the end of this Course You will receive the Orach Chaim, Torah Laws 101 Certification: Torah Laws for day-to-day life of a Noahide

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