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Master’s Degree
$39.90/week + $25.00 Administrative Fees

What you'll learn

The 3 month Study Program Orach Chaim 2 – Way of Life leads to a Final Certificate And acknowledges the Student formally as Graduated in Orach Chaim 2 – Torah Laws for Noahide Life 2 “Way of Life” is the fifth of the 7 Cycles of Torah Law Study for Noahides applicable today, compiled by Rabbi Moshe Winer. The other are “Orach Chaim 1”, “Yoreh Deah 1 and 2”, “Even HaEzer” “Choshen Mishpat 1 and 2.” The Orach Chaim 2 Certification is given to a Noahide who has studied and succeeded in the examination for this part of the Torah Laws for day-today life of a Noahide and acquires from this moment the Torah Status of a Chassid-Umot-Haolam (Pious of the Nations) and legitimately is part of the Jewish society ( in any part of the world, in a Jewish neighborhood or in Israel when the laws of Yovel are active).

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