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Greetings all,

I live in New York City. I am a former Zookeeper (1970-1974) of the Bronx Zoo Mammal Dept. (Wildlife Conservation Center, now). I earned a B.A. in Anthropology from CUNY/Hunter College (1994). A Paralegal Degree from NYU (2002) and a Masters Degree (with distinction) in Public Administration from LIU/Bklyn Campus (2008).

I hold current Licenses for both NYC Sightseeing Guide and NY State Security Guard.

Last October at the Delaware Senior Olympics (DSO) I won the Siver Medal in Archery in the Longbow Division@40meters.

I currently volunteer for various civic groups in the States such as CommonCauseNY, Beyond Plastic and I am a member and contributor to the Letters to the Editor (LTE) and OP-ED Committee for Green Party US Presidential Candidate Howie Hawkins. Soon, since I have received a call, I will be working for the US Census Bureau, probably in August.

AND today is my Birthday! NYC time July 25, 2020. Today I am officially a Septuagenarian!

(If I may, Seven Noahide Laws too and Seven times Ten...?)

Many thanks to Rabbi Perets and my other Teachers from last year in Jerusalem and Shiloh, and with permission, to Rabbi Cowen as well, who gave me Homework to do.

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