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Bamidbar- The Preparation for Accepting the Torah on Mount Sinai

This Torah portion describes the tribe of Levi who held a special role within the people of Israel. The tribe of Levi was not allotted a specific territory like the other tribes of Israel, but instead, they were designated to serve in the Holy Temple and teach Torah to the entire people.

The Levites were aware of their special role and felt in the exile of Egypt that Pharaoh's bricks should not be carried on shoulders intended for the Ark of G-d. They were not subjected to slavery since they never began working for Pharaoh, even as volunteers. Therefore, they were exempt from slavery because they accepted upon themselves only the yoke of heaven.

Rambam (Maimonides), a prominent Halachic authority, says that the Levites were chosen by G-d to serve in the Temple and assist the priests in their duties. In his monumental work called the Mishneh Torah, the Rambam provides a comprehensive codification of Jewish law. In the section titled "The Laws of the Chosen House" (Hilchot Beit HaBechirah), the Rambam explains the roles and responsibilities of the Levites in the Temple service. The Rambam defines the Levites as a distinct tribe chosen for service in the Holy Temple. They had many responsibilities, such as guarding the Temple, singing and playing musical instruments during worship, and general service tasks related to the Holy Temple.

According to the Rambam, the opportunity to serve G-d is not limited to the tribe of Levi or to the Jewish people alone. Anyone, including Gentiles, can choose to serve G-d. In his Mishneh Torah, in the section called "The Laws of Kings and Their Wars" (Hilchot Melachim uMilchamot), the Rambam explains that Gentiles can be righteous and gain a share in the World to Come by observing the Seven Noahide Laws. These laws derived from the covenant with Noah after the Flood, and they form the foundation of Divine moral conduct.

Gentiles who sincerely observe the Noahide Laws can attain spiritual perfection and a close relationship with G-d. While the Levites had specific roles and responsibilities within the context of the Temple service, anyone, regardless of his background, can dedicate himself to serving G-d and following His Noahide commandments. The 7 Noahide Laws open a new horizon to live a righteous and virtuous life. Despite our limitations as limited creatures, we can live in line with the infinite creator's will. This would be the preparation for a renewal of our acceptance of the Torah at Mount Sinai. Where Moses received the Torah and the command from G-d to compel all the nations to observe the 7 Noahide commandments.


Rabbi Moshe Bernstein is a writer and a Community Rabbi in Netanya, Israel. He believes in making connections between the Jewish People and the Noahides worldwide in order to share and enhance the knowledge of the Torah's Universal Code for Humanity and fulfill Isaiah's Prophecy 11:9 " And the world will be filled with the knowledge of G-d as the waters cover the oceans".


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