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Water you Camels...

“Let it be that the girl…will say: Drink, and I will also water your camels, will be the one who You have determined for your servant Isaac…” (Genesis 24:14).

Abraham's home was built on kindness and caring for others, so his servant sought this quality when seeking to find a wife for Abraham's son Isaac. When he saw how Rebecca gave water not only to him, but to his camels, he realized she possessed the right character traits.

King Solomon taught that a righteous person regards the life of their animals (Proverbs 12:10). We can often discern the qualities of a person not by how they interact with dignitaries, celebrities and the powerful - but by how they treat those with the least power and status. The body of civil law in the Torah begins with how we treat servants (Exodus 21) and there is more teaching in scripture about how we are to treat animals than how we are to treat our own children.

By Rabbi Michael Skobac


Rabbi Michael Skobac had been involved with Jews for Judaism (Canada) since 1989 and currently serves as its Director of Education and Counselling. He is a leading authority on missionaries, cults and issues relating to Jewish continuity and Jewish spirituality. Rabbi Skobac's publications include Missionary Impossible; Counter-Missionary Survival Guide; The DaVinci Code: A Jewish Perspetive; and Intermarriage: Is There Ligth at teh End of the Tunnel?


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Republished by Angelique Sijbolts with permission for the Noahide Academy.

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